• National Wine & Spirits will be a family-owned business that is dedicated to building long-term, asset value in entities and industries where it sees opportunity, for generations to come.
  • Investments will be focused on entrepreneurial and venture-level companies in the spirit of our Patriarch, Serial Entrepreneur Jim LaCrosse.
  • National will be an outstanding employer and valued member of the community, wherever it operates.

Corporate Values

Customer Focus – Our customer focus is to develop and maintain strong partnerships with our suppliers and retailers, both equally important to our business. Customer and retailer satisfaction is how we measure our success, and we are committed to be their first choice for service.
Respect for the Individual – We respect the dignity of each individual, whether an employee, customer or member of the general public. We have no greater asset than our people. We are committed to providing a fair and challenging workplace, one that respects and recognizes the individual. We recognize and acknowledge the importance of our families and their contribution to our success.
Teamwork – Teamwork is the thread that ties together the various functions at National. While we share values corporate-wide, we respect the policies of each operating company, as dictated by its market.
Citizenship – We seek to improve the quality of life in the communities where our employees live and work. We will commit company resources, both human and financial, to organizations that benefit our personal and professional communities.
Integrity – We strive for integrity in our relations with customers, employees and regulators.

Financial Responsibility to Stakeholders – Profitable growth is our primary purpose. We must balance our goals of achieving profitability and improving our customers’ positions in the marketplace.

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